Why Nigel and Bill are cycling for ColaLife

This video will give you some idea why Nigel and Bill want your support to raise money for ColaLife. You can sponsor Bill here or Nigel here.


So how might ColaLife have helped Agnes and saved her niece’s life? Well, in several ways:

  • ColaLife will get ADKs (Anti-Diarrhoea Kits), packed within AidPods, to community shops which are MUCH closer for most people than health posts or health clinics which can be more than a day’s walk away
  • ColaLife community promoters will:
    • engage their own communities and show them how to treat water to make it safe to drink
    • teach mothers and care-givers what to do IMMEDIATELY a child gets diarrhoea to keep the child hydrated
    • teach mothers and care-givers about the ADK that will be available in the retail kiosk in their own community
    • give mothers and care-givers vouchers so that their first ADK is free
  • In this process ColaLife will put money into the very same communities we are helping through the retailers and wholesalers who live and work in the target communities
There is more on the ColaLife Business Model here. We think it’s an innovation and so do most other people. We hope it will be a game-changer for people like Agnes.
Here’s an idea of what your donation could do:
  • Just £1 will fill an AidPod with simple medicines to help a mother in rural Zambia rehydrate her child/save her child’s life (Note: there are only 70 retail pharmacies in the whole of Zambia – and public clinics can be a 20 kilometre walk from home)
  • £10 will subsidise 25 ADKs
  • £25 will subsidise 65 ADKs – we aim to distribute 20,000 in the Zambian trial
  • £100 will train a Zambian mother as a community promoter for the ADK – in hygiene, hand-washing and rehydration
  • £75 will buy her a bicycle so she can spread the word to neighbouring communities
  • £250 will fund a programme of village drama events on how the ColaLife ADK can help save children’s lives
  • £1,000 will cover on the job training for a Zambian ColaLife Field Officer, to help run our first local trial
  • £5,000 will pay a Zambian ColaLife field officer for a year to help run our first local trial


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    Please consider sponsoring our cyclists who are raising money for ColaLife https://t.co/AbsFwbq