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Nigel Bill Bryson
Nigel Bolding and Bill Bryson
On 7 September two ColaLife supporters will catch the ferry to St Malo and spending the next 4 days cycling the 400km from Dinard to Deauville (D2D). They are doing this to give you the excuse to sponsor them. All the money raised will come to straight to ColaLife, Gift Aid enhanced where possible. They are covering all the costs of doing the trip themselves.

The two riders are Nigel Bolding and Bill Bryson. And you can sponsor them online here:

CLICK HERE to sponsor Nigel
CLICK HERE to sponsor Bill

Nigel is ColaLife’s top fundraiser and through his company – The World’s Best Hotels – he has also provided free accommodation for Jane and I during our travels over the last year. Nigel and Bill have worked very hard to make this ride possible and it’s been very hectic pulling things together.

However, Nigel was determined to do another ride after the success of last year’s ColaLife B2B Ride (Boulogne to Biarritz). Nigel said:

Our aim is to work through the whole alphabet and raise as much money as possible for ColaLife in the process so we can’t afford to take a year off! Last year on the B2B ride we managed to raise £6,000 and it’s great to see the impact that funding has had. It paid for the trips to Zambia over the last year where the co-design of the trial happened with local people. As a result, ColaLife now have a fully costed plan in place and this is raising the money ColaLife needs to run the first trial. Funders have committed $350,000 already and we are confident the rest will be in place before the end of the year.

The money we raise this year will be used to follow-up interest ColaLife has generated in other countries and help get things happening on the ground there.

Please sponsor us if you can and help us create the next sprat to catch the next mackerel!

Other giving options
If you’d like to give regularly to ColaLife through a standing order you can do that HERE.
If online giving is not for you then the offline giving options are HERE.

Why Bill and Nigel are cycling for ColaLife.

Thank you!


  1. Before you knock off for the weekend . . .

  2. Before you knock off for the weekend . . .

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    The riders are ready | Please support ColaLife –

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