Another baby innovation

Flat pack baby bottleOne of the delights of running ColaLife is the people you get meet. Yesterday I got a call from Tim Moor who I realise now, after our meeting this afternoon at the RSA, is a very well respected inventor who knows how to get his inventions to market.

His inventions include a simple device for detecting and monitoring diabetes, the reinvention of various brands of gin (sic) and a flat-pack disposable sterile baby bottle!

It’s the flat pack baby bottle that is most interest for several reasons:

  1. It’s a product aimed at babies and infants
  2. It has many of the features of the SODIS bag that we’ve been looking at
  3. It was received enthusiastically when supplied to Japanese mothers after the recent earthquake
We don’t think that this is a product of immediate relevance to ColaLife but linking up with Tim certainly is. I feel sure that synergies will emerge over coming months.
Look out for Tim’s disposable bottles in Boots from October. They will be retailing at around £3.50 for a box of four.