ColaLife – the nomadic phase begins

Core team - operation get the Berry's out of here
Part of the team that moved us out: Jane, Elizabeth, Pete, Angela, me and David
This post is really just a tribute to our great friends who always have a habit a rallying just when you just couldn’t manage without them. Our house is a family home and so if we were going to rent it out we were going to have to do it now as parents gear up to get their kids into school for the new year.

The house is a self-build project which we started 20 years ago (our experience is that you never quite finish a self-build!). Three kids have grown up there and never quite moved out (although they haven’t lived there for 10 years or more) and so moving out was always going to be a big challenge. Two weeks or so ago it became clear that we were not going to be able to get out by yesterday (20/8/11) by ourselves and the rallying began. Richard was in charge of the frequent runs to the Oxfam shop; Doug (an old friend from the Zambia days) came over for a day to get boxes into store and get my workshop cleared; neighbours, Lesley and Tim, cut the hedge (see the picture below – it’s never looked this good before); Trina, Drew, Sara and Martin did lots of the early clearing, packing and lifting.

The above picture was taken one hour before the new tenants were about to walk through the door as we raise (chilled) beakers of cold Cava to celebrate the beginning of “ColaLife – the nomadic phase” and the end of “Operation get the Berrys out of here”. Jane and I will be staying with family and friends for the next few weeks as we prepare to move to Zambia, probably at the end of September.

So thanks everyone. We will get there, one step at a time!

Here are a couple more pictures from yesterday:

Pete serves the celebratory Cava
Pete supplied the chilled beakers and Cava to celebrate the end of “operation get the Berrys out of here”. We left the wooden parrot to keep an eye on things… hmmm is it connected to Google?

The Hedge at Beam Ends
Tim’s handiwork on the hedge, which has never looked this good. I should mention that Tim is also working to get a project underway in Africa – check out The Stand Up and Build Project. You can find them on Facebook here.


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