Another innovation using PET bottles

Regular readers will know that we are very interested in the SODIS process which uses clear plastic bottles and sunlight to kill the pathogens in water and make it safe to drink (previous blogs on SODIS).

Well here is another innovative use for PET bottles which I was pointed to today through Twitter. A sun pipe to bring light into the home. It’s nothing to do with ColaLife but I thought I just had to note it.

I have experience of sun pipes – I had two installed to bring light into the middle of a mid-terrace house in London. They obviously only work in daylight but it is incredible what little light you need for them to be effective. The ones I had fitted cost several hundred pounds to buy and install. This approach is classic ‘bottom of the pyramid’ thinking and innovation. Take a basic idea and re-engineer it cutting out all the costs you possibly can so that those living on a dollar or two a day can benefit. This is what we need to do with the ADK.



  1. Amy Jussel says:

    @51m0n Gr8 post TY4 payin it fwd2 @ColaLife comm: . "bldg unlikely alliances 2save childrens' lives" ๐Ÿ™‚ @globalwomlead

  2. RT @ShapingYouth: @51m0n Gr8 post "bldg unlikely alliances 2save childrens' lives" @globalwomlead #unlikelyalliances

  3. Lucy Gower says:

    sideline sun pipe innovation – like. #colalife