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Why Nigel and Bill are cycling for ColaLife

This video will give you some idea why Nigel and Bill want your support to raise money for ColaLife. You can sponsor Bill here or Nigel here. So how might ColaLife have helped Agnes and saved her niece’s life? Well, in several ways: ColaLife will get ADKs (Anti-Diarrhoea Kits), packed within AidPods, to community […]

Please dig deep and support ColaLife | the riders are ready

Nigel Bolding and Bill Bryson On 7 September two ColaLife supporters will catch the ferry to St Malo and spending the next 4 days cycling the 400km from Dinard to Deauville (D2D). They are doing this to give you the excuse to sponsor them. All the money raised will come to straight to ColaLife, Gift Aid […]

Another baby innovation

One of the delights of running ColaLife is the people you get meet. Yesterday I got a call from Tim Moor who I realise now, after our meeting this afternoon at the RSA, is a very well respected inventor who knows how to get his inventions to market. His inventions include a simple device for detecting […]

Take 100 children | Graphic illustrations

Several people have remarked on the effectiveness of the graphics I use in my presentations to convey the injustice of the levels of infant mortality in Africa so I thought I’d share them here. The three main images are displayed to the left. The first in the set, the image of 100 children, can be […]

ColaLife – the nomadic phase begins

Part of the team that moved us out: Jane, Elizabeth, Pete, Angela, me and David This post is really just a tribute to our great friends who always have a habit a rallying just when you just couldn’t manage without them. Our house is a family home and so if we were going to rent […]

But for today I am a child

Antony And The Johnsons backed by the Heritage Orchestra at the Wilderness Festival (14/8/11) Sometimes things just work out. We’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to pack up our home of 20 years and doing all the DIY jobs that had been put off, as the first step towards our move to Zambia, […]

Please ‘Like’ or comment on our Changemakers competition entry

Last month we were nominated for a Changemakers Award and invited to submit an entry in the Making More Health: Achieving Individual, Family And Community Well-Being competition. This turned out to be more work than we thought but Jane plugged away at it and our entry is now public here. Please help to draw attention to our […]

Another innovation using PET bottles

Regular readers will know that we are very interested in the SODIS process which uses clear plastic bottles and sunlight to kill the pathogens in water and make it safe to drink (previous blogs on SODIS). Well here is another innovative use for PET bottles which I was pointed to today through Twitter. A sun […]