Goodbye Indy. We miss you.

Walk?I don’t feel that I’ve had to make many sacrifices to pursue the ColaLife idea from a campaign through to a trial of the concept . . . until today.

I’m lucky. My wife, Jane, has been there from the beginning and we wouldn’t be here without her. It’s easy for me to be brave because I’ve got Jane covering my back! And our children haven’t disowned us as one-track fanatics but have engaged and helped out with animations, design and spreading the word.

But today a big sacrifice was made. We said goodbye to one of the brightest, most loyal and loveable dogs on the planet which was a bit difficult. The consolation is that we’ve spent the last couple of months finding the right new home for him with someone who really understands and speaks ‘dog’. I know he will be loved to death but it was very difficult to say goodbye all the same. I will miss the little devil terribly.

Ever-optimistic, we do think we are going to get the last $1m we need to do the trial (we’ve got commitments for $350,000 already) which will mean that we will move to Zambia shortly. This move is not compatible with dog ownership. ๐Ÿ™

Having done this. We simply have to make ColaLife work or at least get caught trying!