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A mini AidPod anyone?

I had a great meeting yesterday with Chris Griffin at the PI Global offices in London talking about the packaging aspects of the trial. I was also able to loan him the various bottles and a crate, on loan to me from Zambian Breweries. These will obviously be crucial in defining the cross-section of the AidPod. We […]

Goodbye Indy. We miss you.

I don’t feel that I’ve had to make many sacrifices to pursue the ColaLife idea from a campaign through to a trial of the concept . . . until today. I’m lucky. My wife, Jane, has been there from the beginning and we wouldn’t be here without her. It’s easy for me to be brave […]

At last! A peek at the ColaLife Trial Plan

Many of our regular readers will be itching to see the culmination of our work over the last 3 years: our plan for the first field trial of the ColaLife concept – the snappily named ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia (or COTZ, when you are trying to fit it into a funder’s 600 character project description!). […]

For the love of art and good causes

On Monday (11/7/11) I spotted the above tweet from Nichole Herbert, the brains behind ArtPlatform. It caught my attention because Sherina Rezvani pour is one of the artists who has already pledged a piece of her art to ColaLife through the ArtPlatform. Then the tweet below came through: Thank you Sherina! This is the latest […]

Without a Coca-Cola life is unthinkable – Henry Miller

A Shop in Soweto Township. Image credit: Nick Gripton This is a much-used quote attributed to the late Henry Miller from his book The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. I don’t know exactly why it’s quoted so often. I’ll need to read the book. But just imagine for a moment a world without Coca-Cola. Or, if that’s too […]

Why FREE won’t work for ColaLife

A retail kiosk on the Road from Mpika to Kasama, NE Zambia Giving things away free to people who need them but can’t possibly afford them seems, on the face of it, to be a totally reasonable thing to do. We rate generosity, philanthropy –  it’s the right thing to do. However, there are consequences, […]