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This is a request for a minute of your time. Those of you familiar with ColaLife’s history will know that we started off in 2008 by asking for your support through our Facebook group. Over 8,000 of you have signed up over the past three years. In 2009 we also setup a Facebook page which has number of advantages, but the main one is that when we update the page with news and developments they are automatically updated on your Wall – you don’t have to remember to check for updates as you do with the group. We now have over 4,400 supporters on our Facebook page and it’s growing . . .

To make communicating news and developments with everyone easier, and much more effective, we want everyone who is currently just a member of the group to ‘Like’ to the Facebook page. We also need everyone who is signed up to the Facebook group to make sure they leave the group – counter intuitive I know but really important. We want to concentrate the power that we have in one place – on the Facebook page. So, step by step this is what we’d like you to do (please):

  1. Click here to go to the ColaLife page and ‘Like’ it
  2. Click here to go to the ColaLife group and click the ‘Leave Group’ link (last link in the first column – scroll down)
  3. That’s it! Thanks.

To encourage this mass migration(!) we’ve come up with a plan. Throughout July we will be running a little quiz on Facebook (the page and the group) with questions based on ColaLife and the project to date. The quiz is designed to be a bit of fun, but it has serious purpose because the answers to each question will appear on the Facebook page only. There will also be communication through the group, to let people know that they should ‘Like’ the Facebook page to keep up with news and developments. You can help also by contacting your friends who are members of the group, and letting them know that they should ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

DON’T FORGET, once you’ve signed up to our Facebook page you need to make sure that you remove yourself from the Facebook group (by clicking on ‘Leave Group’ at the bottom of the first column).

The first of eight quiz questions will be put up tomorrow (29/06/11) on Facebook. Have a go and see if you know the answer.

See you on our Facebook page soon!




  1. Aidan Kelly says:

    Pls move from our Facebook Group to our Facebook Page – we need to consolidate our power to change the world! #colalife