Archives for June 2011

Call to Action | Let’s all move together

Facebook, engagement and keeping up with news and developments This is a request for a minute of your time. Those of you familiar with ColaLife’s history will know that we started off in 2008 by asking for your support through our Facebook group. Over 8,000 of you have signed up over the past three years. […]

Charitable status approved for ColaLife

ColaLife’s Charity Number On Wednesday last week (22/6/11) we received notification from the Charity Commission that our application for charitable status in England and Wales had been approved. This is great news. The fact that we will now be regulated by the Charity Commission will give reassurance to future donors – who won’t know us […]

The Oslo Report | New African Connections Conference

I have just had the most enjoyable two days in Oslo. I’ve been to Norway once before but it was in the winter and so I did not get the benefit of the amazing views from the plane as I flew in. It is absolutely beautiful. The ColaLife Display at the New African Connections Conference […]

PedZinc samples arrive from Tanzania

Regular readers will remember a mini-panic that we had back last month when we visited the Medical Stores Limited (MSL) warehouse to find the type of Zinc supplements we wanted but packed in boxes of 100 tablets (10 blister packs of 10 tablets each) – see the picture below. This is a real problem for […]

From targets to deadlines

A diagram from the description of the mobile phone elements of the ColaLife Operation Trial by Mobile Transactions In the last week we’ve moved from talking about targets to using the word DEADLINE as we seek to ‘close the deal’ and complete the co-designed plan for the ColaLife Operational Trial by 12 June. There I’ve […]