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Click image to download the report (PDF, 684KB)

I’ve reported before on the work of a group of young people from Kings College London in Northern Uganda: WeCan Ugan. WeCan Ugan work in partnership a local grassroots NGO called HORARD (Hope Revival Agency for Rural Development) in an area that was changed forever and faces unique challenges because of the atrocities carried out by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

At the end of March a team of 15 WeCan Ugan-ers went on their latest trip to Uganda. Fortunately I met two of them, Claire and Mo, before they went, after the ColaLife presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine on 24/2/11. They participated in a conversation after the event. Anyway, they offered to do some research for ColaLife while they were there. So Jane, had a good think about the sort of things we’d like to know about that part of Uganda and liaised with Claire before the trip.

Well, the WeCan Ugan team took this task very seriously indeed and did an astounding job. Last night (20/4/11) I met again with Claire and Mo and they handed me this beautifully produced report of their findings (PDF, 684 KB) and the many photos and videos that they took during their trip which I will be featuring over the coming days.

The report summarises the views of mothers, health centre staff, rural shop keepers and schools. The number of people touched by this work is quite incredible and is as follows:

  • 82 mothers’ groups (656 mothers)
  • 16 health centres/hospitals
  • 22 rural shop keepers
  • 12 health shops
  • 49 schools

It’s an insightful read.

Many thanks to WeCan Ugan and their partners HORARD.



  1. Pete Gray says:

    RT @colalife: Great insights from Uganda thanks to WeCan Ugan

  2. RT @colalife: Great insights from Uganda thanks to WeCan Ugan