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Picture the scene. People on three continents are lining themselves up for a telephone conference that took a while to set up given the time differences and availability of the various parties. But at last the time comes. It’s 8am at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, it’s 2pm at the UNICEF HQ in Lusaka, Zambia and 1pm in Rugby, England.

UNICEF Zambia attempted to pull us all together but alas, they could call Jane and I in the UK but patching in Rohit Ramchandani in the USA wouldn’t work. They tried again, this time starting in Baltimore, but again the second call to us would not patch in. While this is going on Rohit and Jane start a Google chat so we can understand better how we are doing. Then came the stroke of brilliance from Rohit: ‘Why don’t I participate on Skype?’ he said.

So in the picture above you have: Jane, myself (I’m taking the picture) and Rohit (on Skype) gathered around the speaker phone on our kitchen table and Jesper and Rogers on the other end of the telephone line in Lusaka.

This worked so well I could hardly believe it. The call lasted an hour and half with full participation from all parties. Even Rohit could hear what was being said and could chip in whenever he wanted. At the UK end it really did feel like there were three of us around the table.




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    @rgleeson you like hacks and @KitchenTableCT you like things that go on around kitchen tables – take a look at this!

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    RT @colalife: How about this for ingenuity? Mash-up of the month! Intercontinental collaboration!