ColaLife Governance enters a new phase

From left to right: Jake Lee (Pro Bono and Community Affairs Manager, Allen & Overy LLP), Jane Berry (Director), Simon Berry (Director), Joanna Knowles (Director), Andy Chapman (Director), Emma Danforth (Trainee Solicitor, Allen & Overy LLP), Sophie Orr (Solicitor and Pro Bono Assistant, Allen & Overy LLP). Rob Ellis participated in the meeting by telephone.

Last evening was a big one for ColaLife. After many weeks of consideration and discussion and with fabulous legal support by Allen & Overy and the law firm Maurice | Turnor | Gardner we moved ColaLife’s governance to the next level.

In two back to back meetings, help at the Allen & Overy offices in London, ColaLife’s original directors (Jane Berry and I) adopted a modified memorandum and articles of association and formally recruited three new directors:

  • Andy Chapman
  • Joanna Knowles and
  • Rob Ellis

The new-look ColaLife Board of five then agreed to apply for charitable status for ColaLife.

This very formal process was the culmination of many months of informal discussions with the new directors that started with a mentoring session with Andy Chapman at the Shine 2010 in May 2010 event. Andy agreed to take on the post of Chair of the new ColaLife Board.

On approval of our application to the Charity Commission the five directors will become trustees.

Charitable status is essential for us to attract the financial support we need to move the ColaLife project forward.

Biographies of the directors will follow shortly.

Addendum 18-Nov-13
Link to Memorandum and articles of Association added.
Subsequent to this meeting Simon Berry and Jane Berry resigned as Directors to enable them to take on executive roles in the future.



  1. Congratulations!

  2. Ian Crawford says

    That’s brilliant news Simon!