More on the Coca-Cola MDC System

I stumbled across this video presentation today on the Coca-Cola MDC system. I was hoping to participate in this Webinar organised by the Business Call to Action on 13/1/11 but had a clash in my diary. I hadn’t realised it had been made available on YouTube.

The presentation is delivered by Adrian Ristow who was an early contributor to this blog while he was doing some of the fieldwork for the International Finance Corporation / Harvard Kennedy School report on the Coca-Cola MDCs which I reported on in May 2009. I met Adrian at the Tanzanian workshop that considered the IFC/HKS report that he mentions in the presentation.

I note that Adrian now refers to the MICRO Distribution Centres rather than MANUAL Distribution Centres. The former is a better term. As we have pointed out earlier, the MDC system is not the part of the Coca-Cola distribution system that we are interested in. We are interested in the secondary part of the system which gets Coca-Cola to remote rural communities. >>more on the reasons for this

If you are interested in this sort of presentation please consider getting involved in the Business Fights Poverty network. It’s an active online community and their events are open and provide great debating and networking opportunities.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    Here is a good link with some interesting case studies, videos and articles about the Coca-Cola MDC model. It also includes my recent presentation (PDF) at the IFC inclusive Business conference.

    Thanks Tielman