ColaLife in Schools

There is a young and very creative teacher at Acton High School called Emma Berry (don’t ask) who wove ColaLife into a recent classroom session for year 5 children getting ready to move up to secondary school. Emma used existing ColaLife media (on Flickr and YouTube) to produce the above “Prezi’ on ColaLife. The children then used ColaLife AidPod kits (you can get your own through the Buzzbnk) to make model AidPods and decorate them.

Emma said:

The ColaLife story is a fantastic way to engage young people with the challenges faced by children their own age all over the world. With a potential solution to serious world issues ColaLife is a positive way to introduce and discuss child mortality – encouraging the next generation to do something to make a difference.

The children were really engaged and covered the following in one session:

  • Developing world scenarios (child mortality rates and access to health facilities were particular talking points)
  • applications for graphic products
  • making a 3D model from a 2D net

Below is a slideshow of the AidPods made, with most photos taken by the children themselves:

AidPod Designs Acton
Click on the image to view the slideshow

The video below shows how to make a model AidPod from the kit:

Please forward this post to any teachers you know who might be interested.

We are able to supply FREE AidPod kits to teachers who wish to run a similar session. Our contact details are on the PRESS page.

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  1. Jess Ponsford says


    That is a brilliant idea! I can definitely try that with my year 5 class.


  2. Cheers Jess. If you AidPod kits, let me know.



  1. RT @colalife: Calling all teachers . . .