Project logic – slow but steady progress

Project Logic

There has not been a lot we can announce on the progress towards the pilot over the last few weeks but we’ve been busy carefully discussing with partners in Zambia the roles they would undertake in a pilot of ColaLife and we expect to be able to announce the implementation partnership shortly. In addition to these discussions we have been working on the logic of the project with colleagues in UNICEF Zambia and our research adviser, Rohit Ramchandani who is studying for a Doctorate in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Jane has been leading on this from ColaLife’s side.

The image above is the latest draft of this logic (click on it to see it full size in Flickr). This is still a draft but this is how it works. To see the logic you should read the document from the bottom up and ask yourself:

  • Will these Activities produce these Outputs?
  • Will the Outputs produce the Immediate Outcomes?
  • Will these Immediate Outcomes contribute to the Intermediate Outcomes? and
  • Will┬áthe Intermediate Outcomes contribute to the Final Outcome (or Goal)?

Once we are happy with this top-level logic (and we think we are nearly there) we will work on the detail. We will then bundle the activities into workpackages and assign responsibilities to different partners. This is taking some time but we are making progress in the right direction.

If you have any comments on this logic please comment on this post on the blog.


  1. buzzbnk says:

    Steady progress from colalife in planning their pilot From idea to reality #crowdfunding #SocialGood #Philanthropy