Art with more appeal

ArtPlatform LogoToday sees the launch of a great new initiative: ArtPlatform. ArtPlatform exists for two reasons, both reasons have equal priority; One, to be an international marketing tool for artists and the art market. Two, to raise funds for charities.

ArtPlatform showcases the work of artists who have pledged a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of their pieces to charitable organisations. Half of the amount pledged goes to a charity of the artist’s choice and the other half goes the a charity chosen by the purchaser.

ArtPlatform is the brain child of Nichole Herbert. Nichole comes from a retail and sales background and, through the ArtPlatform, wants to combine these skills with a humanitarian aim.

ColaLife is one of the first group of organisations to be part of the ArtPlatform and we have one piece of art pledged to us! We are very grateful to the Iranian artist Sherina Rezvani Pour for this pledge and her support for ColaLife.

The piece pledged to us is highly relevant to the ColaLife cause. That’s all I’m saying. Visit ArtPlatform to see it for yourself.

Will you be for first to click the ‘Purchase’ button?


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