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More on the Coca-Cola MDC System

I stumbled across this video presentation today on the Coca-Cola MDC system. I was hoping to participate in this Webinar organised by the Business Call to Action on 13/1/11 but had a clash in my diary. I hadn’t realised it had been made available on YouTube. The presentation is delivered by Adrian Ristow who was […]

Project Logic Version 6

Click on the above image to see the document full-size on Flickr This is a post for the development specialists amongst you and to reassure everyone else that we are making progress and doing a really thorough job on the design of the pilot. This is the pilot on a single sheet. There is a […]

Operation Uganda

My name is Claire and I am a third year medical student at King’s College London having studied International Health at UCL last year, and Mo is likewise a third year medic who I managed to pursuade to come with me to the Innovation’s Evening at the Royal Society of Medicine a few of weeks […]

Always Cola, Rarely Essential Medicines

Last week we received and email from one of our Virtual Advisory Board members, Prashant Yadav, drawing our attention to a paper just published by INSEAD and co-authored by Prashant YADAV, Orla STAPLETON and Luk N. VAN WASSENHOVE. The paper is entitled: Always Cola, Rarely Essential Medicines: Comparing Medicine and Consumer Product Supply Chains in the Developing World. A […]

ColaLife is the Royal Society of Medicine’s ‘Lecture of the Week’

I am very pleased that the Royal Society of Medicine has chosen my presentation at the innovations event as their ‘Lecture of the Week’. Click here to view it on the RSM website.

ColaLife in Schools

ColaLife for Kids on Prezi There is a young and very creative teacher at Acton High School called Emma Berry (don’t ask) who wove ColaLife into a recent classroom session for year 5 children getting ready to move up to secondary school. Emma used existing ColaLife media (on Flickr and YouTube) to produce the above […]

Earth Beat ColaLife Interview | 4/3/11

At the end of February, while walking the dog, I got a call from Louise Stoddard a producer for the Earth Beat Programme on Radio Netherlands Worldwide. She was interested to hear about ColaLife – Louise had heard about us through our friends at Africa Gathering. Anyway the outcome of this is that I was […]

Project logic – slow but steady progress

There has not been a lot we can announce on the progress towards the pilot over the last few weeks but we’ve been busy carefully discussing with partners in Zambia the roles they would undertake in a pilot of ColaLife and we expect to be able to announce the implementation partnership shortly. In addition to […]

ColaLife website and blog upgrade

Here we are at last with our upgraded website and blog. If you subscribe to our blog posts and are reading this in your email please click here to take a moment to look at what we have done. The new design seeks to: make it much easier for visitors to comment and to see […]

Royal Society of Medicine presentation now live

For those of you who were unable to make the ColaLife presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine last Thursday (24/2/11), you can now watch the presentation here. This has been very cleverly put together by the guys at Inclusive Digital TV who have synchronised the video with the slides in a very effective way. A […]