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Today we’re officially launching our next fun and fund-raising initiative – via the brand new BuzzBnk.

The BuzzBnk is yet another brainchild from our longtime supporter and serial social entrepreneur, the innovator Michael Norton. He first talked to us about his plans over a year ago, and we loved the idea. We’re delighted to be selected as one of the BuzzBnk’s first Ventures, as it gives us a way to engage with people who want to help us, by creating a ‘Buzz’. For example, by wearing one of our T-shirts, by making up an AidPod from one of our kits to show to their friends, by ordering a set of our special Greetings Cards to send out, or inviting me to speak. Signing up will get you onto our guest list for events, and you can even help us to make a ColaLife Showreel!

The BuzzBnk is an online marketplace, designed to connect social ventures with supporters, or ‘Backers’. These can choose to support the initiatives they like and carry the message to their own social networks, friends and colleagues. They can pledge money, time or both to make bright ideas a reality. It’s a kind of crowdsourcing or ‘crowdfunding’ for social ventures, where lots of people can put in just a little to make a really big difference.

But the BuzzBnk is about much more than just giving money. Number one for us: it’s about relationships. People ask us all the time how they can get involved with ColaLife, if we need volunteers. And YES, we do! But with just the two of us going full pelt on planning the pilot in Zambia, we don’t have the resources to manage volunteers right now, and we need help to fulfil some small funding targets before we pull in the bigger budget to run that all important pilot. So, we hope the BuzzBnk will help us recruit ColaLife Voices, equip them to spread the word, get a little funding in, and give a little Thank You back!

The BuzzBnk really fits our philosophy: let’s try something new and different and work together to make a great idea a reality. So visit the Buzzbnk and get yourself a T-Shirt or an AidPod or a set of cards, or sign up as one of our ‘Honorary Showreel Film Producers’, and join the Buzz!


  1. RT @colalife: ColaLife Greetings Cards, T-Shirts, AidPod kits now available to help you spread the word!

  2. Simon Berry says:

    RT @colalife: ColaLife Greetings Cards, T-Shirts, AidPod kits now available to help you spread the word!

  3. Lucy Gower says:

    You can help ensure children in Zambia receive vital medicines. ColaLife pilot. Donate via Buzzbnk today #colalife