Results framework and next steps

UNICEF Results Framework Zambia January 2011 SB
The foundation for a pilot in Zambia

Above is the Results Framework which we developed with the help of UNICEF which I reported on earlier. We will use this the develop a Logical Framework for the pilot over the next couple of days and feed it back to potential partners for comments.

The next steps towards a pilot are as follows:

  1. Completion of the Logical Framework for the pilot
  2. Confirm pilot partners (Governance, Advisory and Implementation)
  3. Finalise legal/regulatory matters
  4. Draw up a detailed activity list for each partner for discussion and agreement
  5. Ask each partner to prepare a budget for their role in the pilot and indicate what funding/resources they could contribute (if anything) and what funding they would need from the pilot budget
  6. Sign off of the project plan by partners
  7. Put the project plan to funders