Zambia Diary | Day 13 | Return to Lusaka from Mpika

Not much to report from today (Saturday, 29/2/11) as the day was spent returning to Lusaka from Mpika. This return journey really brought home how far Mpika is from Lusaka (and how big Zambia is). We started off at 9.10am and arrived in Lusaka at 5:50pm. We stopped in Serenje for fuel and just south of Kabwe for a late lunch. The weather had been kind to us for our trip up to Mpika and for the time we were there but at 3.15pm the heavens opened and it took us 2hrs to do the last 125km into Lusaka.

We need to be careful when choosing the Districts for the pilot. We must do the trial in representative ‘remote rural’ communities but we must heed the advice of the people from MSL (currently involved in the Malaria ACT Pilot) and not go unnecessarily far from the Lusaka so that we can monitor the pilot effectively and gather the lkearning.

This is heavy rain – note the speed of the wipers – and things get dangerous!