Zambia Diary | Day 9 , Visit 2 | UNICEF and logical frameworks

We had another great session at UNICEF today trying to distil the ColaLife idea down to its essence so that we could build it back up into a fundable project.

We started off with an analysis of the issue and after a lot of discussion and rubbing out and re-writing ended up with this:

The ColaLife 'Issue Tree'
The ColaLife ‘Issue Tree’  (click to see the image full-size on Flickr)

This exercise clarified that there were two key outcomes that we are seeking from a ColaLife pilot:

  1. A change in the way a household responds to a case of diarrhoea in a young child and
  2. A market-driven mechanism for supplying to hard-to reach areas the commodities needed to treat a child with diarrhoea

From this exercise we went on to try and establish what outcomes, or results, we’d want to see from a ColaLife pilot and we came up with this. There are two key outcomes: the first relates to behaviour change in carers of young children and the other relates to the development on a market for ‘anti-diarrhoea’ products:

The ColaLife 'Results Framework'
The ColaLife ‘Results Framework’ (click to see the image full-size on Flickr)

We were really pleased with this because this will enable us to produce the logical framework which will be the basis of our bid for funding.

We’d love to hear what others think. Please comment.

Thanks to Jesper and Charlotte for their time this afternoon. Real progress.


  1. Leila says:

    RT @colalife: Great expert input from UNICEF today . . .

  2. Simon Berry says:

    RT @colalife: Great expert input from UNICEF today . . .

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