Zambia Diary | Day 3, Visit 2 | A UNICEF day

Today was a UNICEF day. We spent three hours this morning with the UNICEF team as a follow-up to our initial meeting with them on Monday. This was about drilling down into the detail of a pilot in preparation for the workshop on Friday. This was an incredibly useful exercise and re-confirmed that although ColaLife is a simple idea it’s quite complicated when get to consider exactly how it would be implemented.

A key insight for us from today was the fact that we will be running an ‘Operational Research’ programme NOT a ‘Clinical Research’ programme. This means that we will be measuring the extent to which we can:

  1. Flood the pilot areas with ORS through a private sector supply chain
  2. Create a demand in remote rural communities for AidPod Mother’s Kits
  3. Change behaviour around sanitation, hygiene and the use of ORS/Zinc when diarrhoea strikes

We will not be measuring changes in child survival in this pilot. This would be very complicated and expensive to do and the feeling is that there is enough evidence already that has shown that if you achieve the above outputs the health outcomes follow.

We will spend tomorrow preparing for the workshop on Friday.


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