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Vaccines in AidPods by 2015?

This video is the copyright of Oxford University 2010 and first appeared here on 18 Feb 2010. This is very exciting. Watch the video to get the full story. Basically, a team at the Jenner Institute have come up with a way to store the active ingredients of a vaccine on a small square membrane […]

ColaLife selected for TEDx Warwick 2010

TEDx comes to Warwick University for the second time on 6 March 2010 and will be held in the Maths and Stats Building. 400 people are expected and I will be telling the ColaLife story. You can book tickets here. Other speakers include: Morning Speakers: Angela Hobbs Kathleen Burk Brenda King Steve Martin Rachel Armstrong […]

ColaLife live on CNN

Prism Anchorman, Stan Grant. Image credit: CNN We live in a global community. On Wednesday afternoon (24/2/10) I will pop into the CNN Studios near Oxford Circus in London to be interviewed live by Stan Grant who will be in Abu Dhabi delivering CNN’s Prism programme. Prism is the half-hour news programme, broadcast from Sunday […]

Fabulous new photos just in

Thanks to ColaLife supporter Tim Dench we have the first photos of the Mark III AidPod in situ in Tanzania. Tim runs TOAD in his spare time. Please take a look. This first slideshow shows the AidPod in the hands of our client group. Children! And these are the first photos of the Mark III […]

Reflecting on the Q&A session at Hult International Business School

This video captures our thoughts immediately following the Q&A session with students of Lisa ter Haar (onlyconnectcommunication) at the Hult International Business School in London. David Wilcox ( is asking the questions of Lisa and I. David and the students filmed the Q&A which will appear shortly on the ColaLife FAQ page. [30/6/10: the videos […]

The ColaLife Virtual Advisory Board

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to put together a ‘virtual advisory board’ of well known names to add further credibility to ColaLife and help us move from an incredibly successful campaign to an organisation that can help put together the unlikely alliances that are going to be required […]

Engaging young people | Video editor wanted

Images credit: David Wilcox, One of the most enjoyable aspects of ColaLife is the opportunities I get to present the project to young people. Recent presentations include: Student Hub (Oxford University), Royal Holloway University and TEDx Warwick University. These pictures were taken at the Hult International Business School in London on 1/3/10 where I […]

Leave it to the experts

Following the ColaLife TEDx Warwick presentation on 6/3/10, I was contacted by Richard Potter, a member of the executive for the International Development Summit at Warwick (WIDS) which takes place every November. Richard said: We’ve subsequently written a post-summit magazine – which is just about to go to print – which will be circulated to all our prestigious […]

Could you put a ColaLife poster in your workplace or community?

A couple of ColaLife Facebook fans have asked where you can buy ColaLife posters. Well, you can’t at the moment BUT you can download a PDF and print them yourself. It would be great if ColaLife supporters could spread the word by placing a mini poster in their workplace and/or community. Please click on the […]

Meet the Cultural Engineers

Image based on an original photograph by Bertie Borésdon This is a bit of an honour. Honda are launching a new car (it is a hybrid!). The stuff of dreams. To accompany the launch they have recruited a bunch of cultural engineers (aka dreamers and innovators) and are planning to publish a limited edition book […]