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A to Z of 2010 ColaLife priorities

AidPod Move from Mark III model through prototyping to manufacture for trials. Buckminster Fuller Challenge Do everything possible to win the Buckminster Challenge and generate as much PR as possible in the process. Commitment Continue to be totally committed to getting the ColaLife concept trialled and properly evaluated. Simon Berry to commit to ColaLife full […]

New online campaigning handbook features ColaLife

This is a very accessible guide to online campaigning written by Jonathan Simmons and Amanda Prosser at publiczone. It’s just 30-odd pages with 11 top tips and features ColaLife as a case study along with Airplot!, the Atheist Bus and Blog Action Day. You can download the book from the publiczone website.

ColaLife presentation at TEDx London – Part 1 and Part 2

OK, I obviously need to polish my presentation techniques but for those who couldn’t be there, here is the presentation of the ColaLife story at the inaugural TEDx London event on 4 November 2009. Any comments?

ColaLife principle: local determination

A key principle of ColaLife is local determination of how the ColaLife opportunity is used in each location.  I believe that this will be key to the sustainability of ColaLife. ColaLife must strengthen the existing public health infrastructure, not undermine it. This is a slide I use to explain this during the presentations I am […]

ColaLife principle: promoting micro-enterprise

Image credit: Tielman Nieuwoudt A key reason why Coca-Cola’s distribution network is so good in Africa is that there is money to be made by everyone involved in it. And those that make money from taking the bottles that ‘last mile’ are some of the poorest people on the continent. So giving a financial reward […]

Who pays?

This tweet is a great starting point for a blog post. Thanks to @gentlemandad for posting it. I think it was in response to yesterday’s ColaLife principle: promoting micro-enterprise post where I made the case for Coca-Cola distributors to be paid for the safe delivery of AidPods. The short answer is ‘I don’t know, it depends’. […]

ColaLife principle: openness

I first had the ColaLife idea in 1988 when I was working for the British Aid programme in NE Zambia. However, I was unable to share it other than by word of mouth and I got nowhere. In May 2008 I shared the idea on Facebook and look what’s happened. Thousands of people have convened […]

ColaLife makes it to The Guardian’s homepage

Thanks to Sarah Boseley, The Guardian’s health correspondent, ColaLife made to The Guardian’s home page on 11 Feruary 2010. Her blog post sparked a bit of a debate which continues as I type this here. Thanks to the ColaLife supporters who contributed. All this caused a significant blip on the number of visitors to this […]

ColaLife is a Buckminster Fuller semi-finalist

Spot the ColaLife imagery in the collage above It was announced last night (17/2/10) that ColaLife is through to the semi-finals of the global Buckminster Fuller Challenge. This is brilliant news. It’s  exactly the sort of recognition we need and yet again raises the credibility of the ColaLife concept. It’s time to move on from […]

Positive engagement and unlikely partnerships

This is a great comment at the news of ColaLife reaching the semi-finals of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge which I will use to strengthen my response to one of the most common questions I get asked about ColaLife: ‘How can you possibly even consider working with a company like Coca-Cola?’  (That’s a polite version). Although […]