Meet Patrick Delaney and his ValuLamp

One of the brilliant things about my work at the moment is that I get contacted by people doing really innovative things which may or may not have anything to do with ColaLife. Patrick Delaney and his ValuLamp is a case in point. Patrick is now selling these in Nicaragua and this is how they work. The lamp is recharged using a mini solar panel and so it needs a rechargeable battery. When I think of rechargeable batteries I think of the AA or AAA variety. But the most ubiquitous rechargeable battery in developing countries is the one that goes into Nokia mobile phones so Patrick’s lamp uses one of those. To avoid high import duties and allow for local assembly the lamp has just three parts: the printed circuit board with the LEDs on it, the back and the front! These components clip together so there is no need for screws. For transportation the lamp (or components) fit in the space behind the cells in solar panel frame.

Brilliant. There are more details about the ValuLamp here.

I can’t wait until we have brought ColaLife ‘to market’.