Dr Phillip Lee MP joins Virtual Advisory Board

Dr Phillip Lee MP

Phillip was a full-time GP before entering the UK Parliament as a new MP in the May 2010 election as Member of Parliament for Bracknell. He is a Member of the Energy & Climate Change Select Committee. He is also a Member of the House of Commons Administration Committee. He has been elected Chairman the All Party Parliamentary Group for Environment. He is also on the Executive of the Conservative Friends of Bangladesh as well as a member of various other all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs).

Born in 1970, Phillip studied Human Biology and Biological Anthropology at King’s College, London and Keble College, Oxford, before going on to study Medicine at St Mary’s Hospital at Imperial College in London. He has since worked at various hospitals in London, Slough and also Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury before becoming a GP. He lives in Berkshire and he continues to work as a part-time GP.

We are delighted that Phillip is able to join our Virtual Advisory Board and make public his support for a trial of the ColaLife idea.

About ColaLife, Phillip says:

Simon’s idea of using the distribution network of Coca-Cola to deliver much needed rehydration packs to babies is a great example of how the power of a multinational company can be harnessed to provide much needed care for vulnerable human beings. As a practising doctor, I am very pleased to associate myself with a development programme for sub-Saharan Africa that is both effective and sustainable. ColaLife is an inspiring idea that deserves much support.

Here is Phillip’s biography.



  1. Dr Phillip Lee MP joins Virtual Advisory Board:
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