Dr Prashant Yadav joins Virtual Advisory Board

Dr Prashant Yadav

Look at virtually any paper or report on drug distribution in developing countries, especially if there’s an element of innovation about it, and the chances are it will have Prashant’s name on it.

Prashant has been guiding us since the end of July as we move towards a pilot of the ColaLife concept. He has helped us refine and focus the concept. We were able to meet Prashant for the first time last month on our field trip to Zambia. He happened to be visiting at the time we were there. Again, he was generous with his time, advice and contacts. We are delighted that Prashant is able to join our Virtual Advisory Board and make public his support for a trial of the ColaLife idea.

About ColaLife, Prashant says:

Consumer product companies such as Coca-Cola have distribution channels with deep reach. At the core of these distribution systems is a system of incentives that ensures high product availability at the point of sale. There are various opportunities of leveraging, learning and collaborating with Coca-Cola and similar distribution models to improve access to health products such as ORS, condoms, zinc, water filtration devices, and many other products with public health needs. ColaLife is a partnership model to achieve this objective.

Here is Prashant’s biography.