SODIS AidPod | Possible option?

I was at the ‘Crossover Summit‘ yesterday at the Sheffield Film Festival. I was on a panel on ‘Digital Media for Social Good’ and I explained how we’d used social media as part of the ColaLife project. The panel was brought together by Michael Norton, the famous serial entrepreneur, and long term supporter of ColaLife. Michael spoke about crowd funding and his start-up initiative to support this, The Buzzbank. He also explained how he was using the Buzzbank to crowd fund his new book: ‘How to change the world with your mouse‘. Other speakers were Dana Gornitzki of Mien Magazine and Hermione Taylor of The Do-Nation.

Vapur bottle

I talked about innovation in my talk and used the ‘SODIS AidPod‘ as an example of this. As I sat down Michael handed me a plasticĀ ‘Vapur’ bottle. He had a grin on his face as he did so.

Anyway, I got very excited and this is why. A while ago, when we were researching SODIS, I came across this video in which an inventor shows a plastic bag that can be use for SODIS (he claims) with a ‘snake trap’ valve in one corner which snaps shut when the bag is full of water. See the video below for a fuller explanation:

It looks like the ‘snake trap’ valve could be held open so that the social products could be inserted and taken out. Once empty of social products the bag could be filled with water and the valve would snap shut. I try to explain this in the clip below:

Now, I’m not sure if this would work but, if it did, I think that it would be a lot easier to make than a PET AidPod and when empty would be more is less flat which would reduce the costs of transporting empty AidPods to the point where they would be filled with social products. The plastic used would have to be non-coloured.

There are other big questions though. Would the plastic be tough enough to survive a journey in a Coca-Cola crate? Is plastic of this sort as good at PET when it comes to SODIS?

Watch this space.