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ColaLife Reception | Last call for registrations

Image derived from photo by CogDogBlog Before I make this call, I need to apologise to our Jewish friends for inadvertently holding the ColaLife Reception on the first night of Hanukkah. This was a mistake made by an under-resourced bunch of volunteers. Our apologies. We will put this right next year by running another event […]

Dr Phillip Lee MP joins Virtual Advisory Board

Phillip was a full-time GP before entering the UK Parliament as a new MP in the May 2010 election as Member of Parliament for Bracknell. He is a Member of the Energy & Climate Change Select Committee. He is also a Member of the House of Commons Administration Committee. He has been elected Chairman the All […]

SODIS Solution Search

Left to right: SODIS bag full of water | Empty SODIS bag | Folded SODIS bag inside a model AidPod We continue to search for a practical SODIS solution that will work with an AidPod Mother’s Kit. In a previous post I talked about making the AidPod itself out of PET so that it could […]

TEDx Youth Berlin | 14 November 2010

This is quick post to publish the flip video of my presentation of ColaLife at TEDx Youth Berlin yesterday (14/11/10). Thanks go to Dr Joana Breidenbach who did the filming. Joana is the founder of Today is the big day with a presentation to the main TEDx Berlin event. The event is sold out with […]

Calling all our supporters!

The sand box room at the BFI and the venue for our Christmas Reception Here’s a brilliant opportunity for 150 of our ColaLife supporters to get together in London: on 1 December at 7pm we will be hosting a Christmas Reception at the British Film Institute in London. As you all know, for the ColaLife […]

The BBC World Service interview featuring Coca-Cola

For those of you who missed it, the interview (not the whole programme)  is now available to listen to again here (9mins).

The starting point for the ColaLife Pilot

This diagram gives an overview of the outcome of our discussions with stakeholders in Zambia. This is the starting point for the development of a plan for a pilot of the ColaLife concept in Zambia. No doubt things will change as we work together on this. This diagram is a lot to take in so […]

Dr Prashant Yadav joins Virtual Advisory Board

Look at virtually any paper or report on drug distribution in developing countries, especially if there’s an element of innovation about it, and the chances are it will have Prashant’s name on it. Prashant has been guiding us since the end of July as we move towards a pilot of the ColaLife concept. He has […]

ColaLife on the BBC World Service this Monday (8/11/10)

It all started with a tweet. This one: Two weeks ago I was driving through Lusaka listening to Claudia Hammond’s ‘Health Check’ programme on the BBC World Service which transmits on FM in Lusaka. At the end of the programme Claudia said she was on Twitter, so I tweeted. A series of exchanges resulted in […]

SODIS AidPod | Possible option?

I was at the ‘Crossover Summit‘ yesterday at the Sheffield Film Festival. I was on a panel on ‘Digital Media for Social Good’ and I explained how we’d used social media as part of the ColaLife project. The panel was brought together by Michael Norton, the famous serial entrepreneur, and long term supporter of ColaLife. […]