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Zambia Diary | Day 9 | The young people of today eh?

While we’ve been staying here at ‘The Pearson’s House’ a couple of young people has passed through – friends of the children of Alison and Mark (Pearson). Anyway, they’ve told us what they are up to and we’ve told them what we are doing. Well, Andy (one of these young people), who lives in Kitwe, […]

Zambia Diary | Day 10 | Workshop day

Left to right: Me, ColaLife; Charles, Society for Family Health; Ian, Medical Stores Limited; Victor, Transaid; Ruth, Keepers Zambia Association Today was another rewarding day. We were up early to load up all the workshop resources which included two crates of Coca-Cola with AidPods in them and we set off for Hodi – the Zambian […]

Zambia Diary | Day 11 | Cold Coca-Cola Anyone?

I’m a day behind with my diary due to the fact that Mark Pearson (our host) arrived back last night and we had 20 years of news to catch up on. I’m now typing this in the waiting area of iConnect in the hope that we can talk quickly to Mark Bennet, the founder, about […]

Zambia Diary | Day 12 | Last working day in Zambia

This is Justina and Royce (with her lovely daughter ‘Memory’) and Jane after a conversation yesterday (22/10/10) afternoon. They spent about an hour talking about caring for children and diarrhoea with Cornelius acting as translator. Justine and Royce live in Ngombe Compound which is a legalised, densely populated settlement on the edge of Lusaka. I […]