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More on SODIS (Solar Disinfection [of water]) – another innovation?

The concept: PET AidPods on a tin roof Image source: Wikipedia We’ve had a great response to the idea that the ColaLife AidPods might be made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and used to disinfect the water mothers need to make up oral rehydration solution. Dr Kevin G McGuigan, Coordinator EU SODISWATER Project, Dublin University, who […]

Zambia, here we come

This time tomorrow Jane and I will be in the air on our way to Lusaka, Zambia on the overnight flight and we have an exciting two weeks ahead of us. We will be meeting with the ‘Who’s Who’ of the public health and drug logistics sectors of Zambia. In addition, we will be meeting […]

Zambia Diary | Day 1 | Steady and productive

We arrived safely and on time (06:10 am) in Lusaka. So, what immediately struck us having been away for more than 21 years? Well: It is just as hot! It’s much cleaner You change money in banks! It was a much more shady business when we were here in the mid to late 80s. The […]

Zambia Diary | Day 2 | Reflections on the day

Today’s diary entry is an audio one. More text tomorrow! You can follow the audio diary here on audioBoo. You can read the whole of the Zambian Diary here and the audio diary is here.

Zambia Diary | Day 3 | More insights, increased complexity

Jane at Medical Stores Limited. This was our first meeting of the trip and got us off to a great start We started today with four meetings scheduled but ended up having 6! And the last one ended at 9:40pm 10km south of Lusaka. We’ve covered the whole range of stakeholders today from UNICEF, through […]

Zambia Diary | Day 4 | Contact with SABMiller

The big news from today is that I have made contact with the right person in SABMiller and we are going to meet on Saturday. We were secretly getting a bit concerned about this! The person we will be meeting is Chibamba Kanyama who is the Corporate Affairs Director at Zambian Breweries, a subsidiary of […]

Zambia Diary | Day 5 | The rise of Zambian Civil Society

Jane and Victor Simfukwe of Transaid You will have to forgive me for continuously commenting on how things have changed but they have! And here’s another thing – the rise of the Zambian NGO. The last 15-20 years has seen the development of the Civil Society Sector (Third Sector) as government policy has changed and […]

Zambia Diary | Day 6 | All work and no play

All work and no play? Well no, not really. This is Jane and I cautiously celebrating at the end of a very exciting week which culminated, this lunchtime, in a meeting with Chibamba Kanyama, the Corporate Affairs Director of Zambian Breweries. Zambian Breweries are a subsidiary of SABMiller who bottle Coca-Cola in Zambia. Chibamba was […]

Zambia Diary | Day 7 | Formats!!

I’ve been giving out duff gen! I thought 80% of the Coca-Cola produced in Africa went out in 350ml bottles in a particular type of crate. But this is not correct as the most common bottles here in Zambia are in fact 300ml AND the crates are different. I think the error comes from my […]

Zambia Diary | Day 8 | SABMiller, CHAZ and Workshop

The advertising surrounding Chilulu MDC Today started early with the consolidation of the relationship with Zambian Breweries/SABMiller. Good to his word Chibama Kanyama spoke with the head of logistics at Zambian Breweries and then texted me his mobile number. We exchanged texts and we are going to talk on Wednesday before the workshop. I hope […]