Zambia Diary | Day 8 | SABMiller, CHAZ and Workshop

The advertising surrounding Chilulu MDC

Today started early with the consolidation of the relationship with Zambian Breweries/SABMiller. Good to his word Chibama Kanyama spoke with the head of logistics at Zambian Breweries and then texted me his mobile number. We exchanged texts and we are going to talk on Wednesday before the workshop. I hope that we will be able to meet but I’d also like to get an invitation to spend a day on an ‘out of town’ delivery lorry so that I can get a first-hand feel for the way things work. Watch this space.

We then went to one of the most important, health related, NGOs in Zambia: the Churches Association of Zambia (CHAZ). They are really key in terms of health delivery especially in rural areas. We know this first hand. When we lived in Mpika the mission hospital at Chilonga*, 30km down the road, was, quite literally, a lifeline. I think we all had Malaria treatment there and Emma had her stomach pumped after eating a whole packet of Rennies that she thought were sweets . . . the poor darlings didn’t get many sweets in Mpika! But we didn’t just take from the system . . . it was soon established that I was a universal blood donor . . . .

The ColaLife idea was very well received and I think someone from CHAZ will come to the workshop on Wednesday. Like everyone else we’ve spoken to, the CHAZ people did not know about SODIS (but then nor did we a month ago) and were very excited when Jane explained how the AidPod/Mothers’ Kit might be packaged in PET and used to sterilise the water (there is more about this here). So, if we’ve achieved nothing else, we have spread the SODIS message around amongst some very influential people on behalf of Keepers Zambia Association, the Zambian NGO who is championing SODIS here.

The rest of the day was spent on two tasks:

  1. trying to get hold of a crate of Coca-Cola from Chilulu MDC (Manual Distribution Centre) but, guess what? They’d sold out! But the owner was entrepreneurial enough to take my mobile number and will call when the delivery arrives (hopefully tomorrow) and
  2. preparing for the workshop on Wednesday and making all the arrangements for food etc.

It is actually quite stimulating to be faced with a situation where there is no data projector!

* If you read the description about Chilonga, be aware that things have changed . . . . . there are now Zambians who are prepared to work in rural hospitals. The doctor at Mpika Hospital is Dr Nachi Kaunda, Kenneth Kaunda‘s grand daughter!

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  1. Zambia Diary | Day 8 | SABMiller, CHAZ and Workshop: The advertising surrounding Chilulu MDC
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