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Progress Report 28/09/10

Children of Mikindani, Tanzania with a model Mark III AidPod, January 2009 Image credit: Tim Dench   Next moves 5,500 children die every day in Africa before the age of 5. This initiative could save thousands and thousands of children’s lives through positive engagement between the private and NGO sector. Field trip to Zambia in […]

Coca-Cola’s commitment to ColaLife – a reminder

Chris Vallance of the BBC and Euan Wilmshurst from Coca-Cola I was able to present ColaLife to the lower school (12-16 year olds) at Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby yesterday. This was organised by friend and long-time ColaLife supporter, Jon Watson who teaches music there. As part of the presentation I played the extract below from […]

Zambia update 24/10/10

As announced previously we are going to focus on Zambia initially for a trial of the ColaLife concept. Since we made this decision our communications with potential stakeholders have become much more meaningful – can you meet? – could you attend a workshop? – who else should we be talking to? And so on. It […]

Agnes’ story

I do try very hard to be calm and unemotional when I’m asked questions particularly about ColaLife. I try to understand the question and questioner and answer in a straight forward way. It’s difficult to judge how successful I am at this myself but I do think I’m getting better with age! However, there is one question […]

Quick! We can now talk to Melinda Gates.

Melinda Gates has invited people to continue the conversation following TEDxChange. Please go to her blog post and tell her about ColaLife! It is here.

How do we get the attention of Melinda Gates?

Today, Melinda Gates spoke at TEDxChange and marvelled at the way Coca-Cola gets to remote areas of developing countries while vaccines and condoms do not! Take a look at this video – her talk starts about 24 minutes in (drag the play cursor and wait). The Twittersphere did its best to bring ColaLife to her […]

A PET AidPod?

As happens from time to time, I’ve had a lot of trouble with Jane lately: waking me up at all hours of the night to tell me new ideas that can’t wait till morning. This is all the more worrying, as usually when she’s asleep it’s like trying to raise the dead and takes at […]

Bike Ride expected to raise £6,000

Nigel, Simon and Kiefer arrive at Biarritz central beach (that’s Biarritz lighthouse in the background) at around 6:30pm on Saturday 11 September 2010. We’d covered 1113 km (696 miles) over 8 days – an average of 87 miles/day. I spent 58hr 27min in the saddle, pedalling! The donations are still coming in but we have now raised […]

Grand Raffle | Help ColaLife and win FREE nights in top London or Paris Hotels

To celebrate the successful completion of the first day (of eight!) of the ColaLife Participation Ride, The World’s Best Hotels has launched a Grand Raffle with big prizes! All proceeds go to support fieldwork in Africa. Full details of the Grand Raffle are here. Good luck. The MD of The World’s Best Hotels, Nigel Bolding, […]

We’re off!

This morning three intrepid cyclists started pedalling in Boulogne on their way to Biarritz, 650 miles away, in the ColaLife Participation Ride 2010. We are raising money so that we can get the next stage of the ColaLife underway – fieldwork in Africa. Support has been very strong and we’ve already raised enough money to […]