Participation Ride Blog launched

Bike Ride Website

First of all, a big thank you is due to all of you who put your hands in your pockets and sponsored me and the three other riders. I have now hit my target so a trip to one of the African countries we have been researching like mad is now on the cards for the autumn. We are now in communication with key local partners. We hope to be able to announce the country and dates for fieldwork very shortly.

Regarding the cycle ride, I intend to be blogging from the saddle, WiFi permitting, and I have a clever device which will be sending my location to a Google Map in near real time (via satellite). So you’ll be able to share in some of the excitement with none of the pain!  The live map is here. However, I thought it wise to spare all ColaLife supporters all the detail of the ride and so I’ve set up another blog to carry the story of the ride for those who are interested. The url of The Participation Ride Blog is: (for obvious reasons).

Onwards and upwards!