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Dr Ian Goldman joins the ColaLife Virtual Advisory Board

Dr Ian Goldman I am very pleased to be able to announce that Dr Ian Goldman has agreed to join the ColaLife Virtual Advisory. He is the second member and joins Prof Don Nutbeam in support of ColaLife. About ColaLife Ian says: Having worked in many countries in Africa it is extraordinary how Coca-Cola reaches […]

Sign up for our new-look ColaLife eNews

Image credit: Ellie Stoneley Sign up here for our new-look ColaLife eNews. Supporters have been able to sign up to receive new blog posts by email for some time now. However, the service just got better. The subject of the email you receive, once you are registered, now contains the title of the blog post so […]

ColaLife and the UK’s Big Society policy

ColaLife on the iPad – there were no shortage of gadgets at last night’s Big Society Network event. iPad (and hands) courtesy of David Wilcox. A core theme of the UK Conservatives election manifesto was ‘Big Society’ (see David Cameron’s speech). The basic idea is that government has got too big and that ‘Civil Society’ […]

Soft Power and the Honda CR-Z

I didn’t understand the concept of ‘Soft Power’ until a couple of weeks ago, when I was invited to the Cambridge Union to speak about ‘Hard vs Soft Power’. Until then, I certainly didn’t think ColaLife had any of either. But apparently we have soft power, and this car is a very obvious manifestation of […]

Have we got our priorities right?

This Coca-Cola was some of the last to be produced and sold in glass bottles in Malta. These are 300ml bottles. African bottles typically hold 350ml. One morning in 1988 I arrived early for a meeting in Chinsali, a small town in NE Zambia. I went into the dilapidated council chamber. There was no one […]

AidPod heads east to Ulaanbaatar on the Mongol Rally

On 24 July 2010, my nephew, Tom, and two friends will be starting on the adventure of their lifetimes (so far). They will be driving this vehicle from Goodwood, England to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. They will pass through 13 countries and cover more than 10,000 miles. They have raised thousands for charity and when […]

The Dream Team | ColaLife Participation Ride 2010

Kiefer, Sam, Andy, Nigel and Simon The dream team has been assembled for the 2010 ColaLife Participation Ride and the members are: Kiefer Scott (17) My name is Kiefer Scott and I live near Scunthorpe in the UK. I am 17 and attend John Leggott College, I am studying Media, English Language and ICT. I […]

Kolkata calling . . .

Last Tuesday (20/7/10) ColaLife went global with calls programmed with India, Canada and the USA. The most exciting of all the calls was with members of the ColaLife group in Kolkata, West Bengal. This was organised by one of the group’s leaders Raghav Daswani. We ran it over Skype and the format was a short […]

ColaLife presentation | Wieden + Kennedy | Canvas8

Thanks to the good people at Canvas8, here is a video of the ColaLife presentation given at the Wieden + Kennedy (Coca-Cola’s Advertising Agency) premises at Brick Lane on 23/6/10. There are two elements of the presentation that do not come over in the video: The Commitment from Coca-Cola to ‘trial the ideas behind ColaLife’ The […]

Scenario 1 | ColaLife complements distribution to District level

Scenario 1 The ColaLife Concept | Scenario 1 | The District Switch on Prezi This presentation is intended to be a conversation starter. It outlines one way the ColaLife concept might be deployed in the situation where the national infrastructure for the distribution of medicines to the district level is in place. Press the play […]