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Goodbye Defra (for now)

Tomorrow’s my last day at Defra and this evening we had a few farewell drinks. I have really enjoyed my time as Head of Defra’s Third Sector team. I fell in with a really friendly, skilful and supportive crowd and together we got quite a lot done and had fun while doing it. I have […]

The first day of the rest of my life

Photo by Sam Christmas for the Honda-sponsored Dream Factory project Apologies in advance but this post has ended up being mostly about me. Normal service will resume as soon as possible! Last Autumn I committed to leave my job to dedicate myself full-time to ColaLife. Well yesterday was my last day of my contract at […]

Event invitation – hear the latest on ColaLife

Here’s a chance to hear the latest on ColaLife for those based in London. I will be one of two speakers at an event organised by Canvas8 and hosted but Wieden + Kennedy, the famous advertising agency. You can see more details and book here. The event’s on 23 June and starts at 6:30pm. See […]

Is ColaLife the only option?

Image credit: Tim Dench, TOAD ColaLife is trying to make simple medicines, and other social products, reach the same places that Coca-Cola reaches, that is, most places. This has proved to be a very popular idea. But can it be made to work? We intend to find out. It is worth all the effort, because […]

Ellie through the Looking Glass – a report from Madagascar

Madagascan child with AidPod. Image credit: Ellie Stoneley It’s amazing the lengths ColaLife supporters will go to, to help out. One such is the intrepid Ellie Stoneley who has just braved leeches, gun-toting rebels and giant spiders on a trip to the Looking Glass island of Madagascar for Kitchen Table Charities Trust. On route between […]

ColaLife is recruiting . . . cyclists

Indicative route only at this stage. Image courtesy of Google Maps The ColaLife Participation Ride 2010 My old friend, Nigel Bolding, and I are looking for three others to join us on a ride across France to raise money towards the costs of the fieldwork that we need to carry out to plan the independently […]

Now we are three . . .

In order of age: Andy, Nigel and Simon There’s been a flurry of activity since we started our recruitment drive for cyclists to join us on the ColaLife Participation Ride 2010. There are three confirmed riders/fund-raisers so far with three or four ‘maybes’ and two ‘I’m totally gutteds’ (I can’t do those dates). This looks […]

Still chance to book to hear the latest on ColaLife

I will be one of two speakers at an event organised by Canvas8 and hosted at the swanky premises of Wieden + Kennedy, the famous advertising agency in London, UK. You can see more details and book here. The event’s on 23 June (Weds) and starts at 6:30pm. See you there?

Can you balance an AidPod on your nose?

Ever tried*? Well, Carlo Montesanti of the Global Bee Project can. And here’s the proof: Carlo was one of the inspirational UnLtd Level 2 Award winners who gathered today at The Hoxton Apprentice restaurant and bar to celebrate and network with each other and members of the UnLtd Connect network. Jane and I attended and picked […]

Introducing the Mark IV AidPod

A comparison of the cross-section of the Mark III (right) and Mark IV (left) AidPods. Hand-written numbers are volume calculations. I was ruthless in the way I took advantage of a visit from my daughter over the weekend. Sorry (and thanks) Emma! You see, she can use Adobe Illustrator and I can’t (note to self: […]