ColaLife is recruiting . . . cyclists

Boulogne to Biarritz
Indicative route only at this stage. Image courtesy of Google Maps

The ColaLife Participation Ride 2010

My old friend, Nigel Bolding, and I are looking for three others to join us on a ride across France to raise money towards the costs of the fieldwork that we need to carry out to plan the independently evaluated trial of ColaLife*. We aim to raise £10,000 between us and we are looking for a philanthropist to match this amount. Are you that philanthropist?

If you’d like to be one of the riders please comment on this blog post or contact me directly at simon[at] or on +44 (0)7932 107109.

Basic facts about the ride:

Dates: 4/9/10 to 12/9/10
From: Boulogne
To: Biarritz
Approximate distance: 1035km (650 miles)
Cycling days: 8

* For more details of how this fits in with our current workstreams please see this post: Kicking of Phase 2 of ColaLife.

Further details:

Focus on fun: We will have great fun doing this! I have experience of leading two long distance participation rides and so can answer most of your questions – so please contact me with any questions.
Riders: There will be up to 5 riders (male and female). The ride will be led by Simon Berry and Nigel Bolding. All riders will be riding for ColaLife and will cover their own costs eg travel to and from Boulogne and Biarritz, accommodation, food and drink along the way. All riders will provide their own bicycle. All riders will be responsible for their own insurance should they judge this to be required. This means that 100% of sponsorship raised with be donated to ColaLife.
Strategy: We have yet to work out the precise route but we will build the distance traveled per day from around 60 miles to 100 miles (average 80 miles per day). If you are not too unfit and familiar with your bicycle (and its saddle), this will be a challenge but not too much of a struggle. Simon has led rides of this type before with mixed ability groups (Land’s End to John o’ Groats in 2006 and 2007) and Nigel is a fit French speaker!
Fundraising: We will fundraise through a charity called CIVA using JustGiving. Gift Aid will be added to the donations made by UK Tax Payers. We are also looking for a philanthropist to match-donate. Riders should aim to raise a minimum of £1,500. This will take some work and so commitment to fund-raising will be required.
Preparation: All riders will have the opportunity to collaborate in the planning of the ride. Responsibilities for the planning the route, booking accommodation etc will be shared. Before starting the ride you should be able to cycle 20 miles on your bike non-stop and after a 30 minute break should feel you could do that again. If you can do this then you should have no difficulty completing the challenge. Note: we will not be cycling 20 miles without a break on the actual ride.

Please comment or contact me with any further questions.


  1. I’d love to come along. And I’m a woman! I’m from Canada – Nova Scotia to be precise. Please send along the information and your plans.

    Looking forward to connecting. Great looking project.


    [Ed: I am now in contact with Anna by email]


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