Goodbye Defra (for now)

Tomorrow’s my last day at Defra and this evening we had a few farewell drinks. I have really enjoyed my time as Head of Defra’s Third Sector team. I fell in with a really friendly, skilful and supportive crowd and together we got quite a lot done and had fun while doing it.

I have tried to be careful to keep my day job separate from ColaLife but inevitably the word got out and again colleagues have been very supportive – I have had to take the odd extended lunch hour for the sake of ColaLife – which I’ve made up at other times, obviously!

Just to prove that no one has a monopoly on innovation I received this present from my colleague, Conor (who had the enviable job of keeping me on the straight and narrow when I first arrived in Defra) – a Coca-Cola bottle with a couple of codeine tablets sellotaped to it! I always knew that ColaLife would inspire new thinking.


But the best present was the card. Thanks everybody.

PS: Thanks to Joe for doing all the behind scenes stuff.