Meet Dennis Tretter – our first ColaLife Intern

Dennis Tretter

As we gear up to move ColaLife into its implementation phase lots of very exciting things are starting to happen and you won’t miss a thing if you register for blog updates.

Here is the first very exciting thing. After a couple of weeks of discussion via various networks ColaLife has its first intern: Dennis Tretter. A very warm welcome on board Dennis. We look forward to working with you. I will let Dennis introduce himself:

Hi, my name is Dennis and I am a student from a small town in Germany called Kaiserslautern (you maybe know it for its famous football team). I have lived for the last 26 years very close to my hometown, but this year I took a step out of my familiar environment which I am enjoying. At the moment I am studying at the Istanbul Technical University and I really enjoy it being far away from home and gain so much new experiences. As I am an industrial engineers student, I think nobody would expect me to apply for an internship at a NGO like ColaLife. Of course, I could have applied for a well paid internship at a big company… but I asked myself, what do I really want. And that is not a ‘normal’ job at some company, no, I wanted to do something useful during my internship. So I applied to big companies but I was always searching for something a bit different, and one day a few weeks ago I found what I was looking for.

I was just surfing around the web and looking for something interesting. Somehow I ended up reading some articles at ‘brand eins Online’, a German magazine. One of their articles – called ‘Das Huckepack-Prinzip’ (the piggy back principle) – had the idea of ColaLife as a topic. I read it, I had a look at the ColaLife homepage and the blog and also looked at the Facebook group. And then I wrote a message to Simon to see if he could use a motivated industrial engineer student as an intern.

To be honest, I didn’t believe for a second that it would really happen. But on the other hand I really hoped that it would work out… and one week later I got a positive reply under the condition that I could raise my own money, because ColaLife doesn’t have any funding yet. I knew that is it possible to get money from the ERASMUS programme for an internship done in the EU, and so I applied for this. At the moment it looks like everything will work out well and so I am really looking forward to my time in Rugby from July to October.

Onwards and upwards!