ColaLife University and School Clubs get underway on three continents

Image credits: David Wilcox | Alex Spina and Chris Rhodes

It is very encouraging to see ColaLife Chapters/Clubs starting to form in Universities and Schools around the World. So far we have:

I also know that there are discussions going on at The Royal Holloway (UK), Hult International Business School (UK) and Nottingham Trent University (UK). If we are successful in a bid for support to UnLtd we will be able to provide resources to enable members of these clubs to go out to schools and spread the word there.

ColaLife inspires young people and helps them see how the skills they have can be applied to solve global challenges. There is still so much to work out to make ColaLife a reality. There are products to design, processes to design, relationships to build and so on. Young people can contribute in all of these areas. AND, at the same time of course, young people are key consumers of Coca-Cola products. They are the ethical consumers of the future. Coca-Cola will be very interested in what they think and what they do.

Hats off to the young people who have set these clubs up and a big thank you to those who have joined them.

Onwards and upwards!


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