An evening at Hult

Heart of the crate
Illustration by Oana Mondoc

On Monday (19/4/10) I was invited back to the Hult International Business School in London to hear four proposals to raise the profile of ColaLife. These had been put together by four teams made up from the 40 international students from 25 different countries. It’s amazing what can happen when 40 young people put their heads together. The ideas included: A Facebook Game; A make your own animation challenge; A Flash Mob (watch this space) and a ‘Recycle for ColaLife scheme.

The above image came from one of the ideas and struck a chord. I really think there is mileage in this. The idea that the AidPod is the heart of a Cola crate. An idea worth developing I think. I will be reporting on the ideas we take forward here on the blog.