Meet the Cultural Engineers

Simon Berry - Dream Factory
Image based on an original photograph by Bertie Borésdon

This is a bit of an honour. Honda are launching a new car (it is a hybrid!). The stuff of dreams. To accompany the launch they have recruited a bunch of cultural engineers (aka dreamers and innovators) and are planning to publish a limited edition book describing their work. I will be featured along with the ColaLife project. Anyway, the build up started today with the launch of the ‘Dream Factory’ website.

NOTE: Honda went on to donate $10,000 to the COTZ trial for transport – helping the project secure a second hand vehicle which was ColaLife’s only project vehicle in Zambia until we left in 2018.


  1. Fame at last! Well done.

    However. How far away are we from getting ColaLife into life?

    • Thanks John. Where are we? I need to do another progress report don’t I? But in summary, we have a development plan which focusses on getting an independently evaluated trial underway. There is an executive summary of this on this blog (search for executive summary). I am giving up my day job at the beginning of June to focus on ColaLife full-time. Jane and I have been submitting funding bids to undertake fieldwork to build the partnership to implement the trial. We are still in frequent contact with Coca-Cola. Current issue, which I hope to resolve by the end of next week is the country of the trial.

  2. Magdalena Serpa says

    Excellent plans, Simon and Jane and congrats on selection to be part of cultural engineers (aka dreamers and innovators)!

    I am in my way back from Equatorial Guinee ( I had to take a little detour via Madrid-Panamá).

    As I drank coca-cola in multiple places in Malabo/Bioko Island, I realized one more time how many wonderful things ColaLife and coca-cola could do together.

    Best regards,



  1. Simon Berry says:

    Meet the Cultural Engineers. ColaLife to feature in new book. #colalife