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ColaLife features on Buckminster Fuller blog

Image credit: Tim Dench Please show your support by commenting on the ColaLife blog post on the Buckminster Fuller Fellowship blog. It’s dead easy. You can do it anonymously and you don’t have to register. Let’s see if we can create a bit of a buzz while Buckminster Fuller decide who’s in the finals! CLICK […]

ColaLife sneaks onto Amazon

Do a search on ColaLife in Amazon and this book pops up. Why? Because its author, Chris Arnold, is a ColaLife supporter and writes about ColaLife. He says: FROM HUMANITARISM TO PLANETARISM <snip> The power of the web for good and bad is just amazing. What starts as a small group can soon become massive […]

An evening at Hult

Illustration by Oana Mondoc On Monday (19/4/10) I was invited back to the Hult International Business School in London to hear four proposals to raise the profile of ColaLife. These had been put together by four teams made up from the 40 international students from 25 different countries. It’s amazing what can happen when 40 […]

Meet the Cultural Engineers

Image based on an original photograph by Bertie Borésdon This is a bit of an honour. Honda are launching a new car (it is a hybrid!). The stuff of dreams. To accompany the launch they have recruited a bunch of cultural engineers (aka dreamers and innovators) and are planning to publish a limited edition book […]

Could you put a ColaLife poster in your workplace or community?

A couple of ColaLife Facebook fans have asked where you can buy ColaLife posters. Well, you can’t at the moment BUT you can download a PDF and print them yourself. It would be great if ColaLife supporters could spread the word by placing a mini poster in their workplace and/or community. Please click on the […]