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Top 10 achievements for 2010

>> Last year’s top 10 1. Field trip to Zambia We travelled to Zambia in October and met with 45 people and 15 organisations. We had a great reception and a workshop of key stakeholders produced the basis of the plan for a pilot of the ColaLife concept in 2011. >> more on the plan […]

Does weight matter?

Our best guess of the gross weight of an AidPod Mother’s Kit is between 110-150g. So a crate with five AidPod kits in it would weigh an extra 550-750g. Is this extra weight an issue? The research we have done indicates that the transport cost of the ‘last mile’ in the remote parts of developing […]

How Coca-Cola’s distribution system works

We’ve learnt a lot over the last two years or so about how the Coca-Cola distribution systems work and we thought it would useful to summarise our current state of knowledge so that others can fill any gaps or correct any misconceptions. Please comment. The first thing to realise is that Coca-Cola is a sort […]

Meet Patrick Delaney and his ValuLamp

One of the brilliant things about my work at the moment is that I get contacted by people doing really innovative things which may or may not have anything to do with ColaLife. Patrick Delaney and his ValuLamp is a case in point. Patrick is now selling these in Nicaragua and this is how they […]

AidPod Mother’s Kit subsidy calculator

Work continues on the development of the plan for a pilot of the ColaLife concept in Zambia based in the outcome of our recent trip to speak with stakeholders there. Here’s attempt to identify the key variables and create a model to calculate the level of subsidy that would be required to make the AidPod […]

ColaLife interview with World Vision Report | 11 Dec 2010

Can Coke add life? Here is the interview with World Vision Report published today (11/12/10). World Vision Report ColaLife Interview | 11 Dec 2010 by colalife

ColaLife Presentation | TEDx Berlin

Thanks to the good people of red onion who hosted TEDx Berlin for the invitation to speak and for allowing me to open the 1000th TEDx event. It was a great, if nerve-wracking, honour.

ColaLife partners with Eawag on SODIS

Left to right: SODIS bag full of water | Empty SODIS bag | Folded SODIS bag inside a model AidPod We are pleased to be able to announce a partnership between ColaLife and the SODIS group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag). The SODIS group within Eawag do research, promotion […]

Christmas Reception | Gandalf & the Hobbit discuss ColaLife

Here is the ‘exit interview’ video from the ColaLife Christmas Reception recorded by David Wilcox. Jane insists on calling this “The Gandalf and the Hobbit Tape”. We must make sure we are seated for all future interviews! If you can get over the hilarity of the height difference, it’s quite a nice summary. Thanks again […]

Christmas Reception 2010

First things first – if you couldn’t make it last night you will not have received a FREE PRIZE DRAW CARD! This will not be a large draw so it’s worth a go and there are two prizes: 2 nights B&B at Mandarin Oriental, Geneva and 2 nights B&B at the Villa Magna, Madrid. The […]