Public Health Guru, Prof Don Nutbeam, on ColaLife

First it was David Berman author of Do Good Design talking about ColaLife in a Peachpit TV interview and then I was sent a link to the above video interview featuring Professor Don Nutbeam. When this was filmed (June 2009), Don was Honourary Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney who also talks about ColaLife in the context of ‘making the most of what is already there’ to improve public health, or ‘going with the grain’. He says:

I’ve been working . . . with a campaign to try to persuade Coca-Cola who have frankly the best distribution network in Africa to use their distribution network to deliver essential medicines. They can deliver Coca-Cola to pretty much any corner of Africa and we in public health seem to be miserable at achieving the same goal so why not try to work with the grain.

Brilliant. Don is now Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton (=accessible!).

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