The giant AidPod is off to the RSA

Tomorrow (7/12/09) morning at 6:30 I will be trying to get the giant AidPod on to a Virgin Train to London as a ‘bicycle box’! Well it worked last time:

AidPod on Virgin Trains Euston AidPod on Virgin Trains Euston

Let’s hope the staff at Rugby are as understanding as the staff were at Euston. On arrival at Euston I’m being met by friend and ColaLife supporter Paul Webster (aka @watfordgap) and we are going to carry it to the RSA where it will spend Christmas. We will be leaving Euston at about 7:30 and this is our route. If you see us give us a shout!

Euston to Charing Cross Map


  1. Simon Berry says:

    0515GMT: Operation AidPod has started . . .

  2. Simon Berry says:

    0658GMT: Operation AidPod has lift off. On the 0653 to Euston. Thanks Virgin Trains. . . . #colalife

  3. Simon Berry says:

    0707GMT: Operation AidPod has comms with Euston station. Docking at 0750 with @watfordgap is go. . . . #colalife

  4. Simon Berry says:

    0742GMT: Operation AidPod has reverse thrust systems engaged on schedule for docking at 0750 . . . . #colalife

  5. Simon Berry says:

    0750GMT: Euston. Euston. The AidPod has landed . . . . #colalife