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Why I’m very pleased to be speaking at Chain Reaction next week

Simon Berry on ColaLife and Chain Reaction Colalife is a great idea. It’s not the idea it was a year ago. It’s much better. I’m a great believer in open innovation which is essentially the process of opening up of ideas to others so that they are made better (the ideas not the people). That’s […]

Got it! It will be winging its way to you shortly.

This is my brother, Matthew, who lives with his family in the States. My family have been incredibly supportive throughout the ColaLife campaign and this the latest manifestation of this support. Matthew has managed to get hold of a hard copy of GOOD Magazine. This is the latest edition which features the GOOD 100 list […]

Should AidPods carry advertising?

When possible business models for ColaLife have been discussed in the past, people have floated the idea that perhaps AidPods could carry advertising but the discussion has gone no further than that. Then along comes Clare Cunningham who brings the whole idea to life with some great models and some analysis of what might be […]

Live! ColaLife Presentation today (12/11/09) at 9:30am (GMT)

Follow this link to watch the ColaLife presentation at the Chain Reaction event, Canary Wharf this morning at 9:30 (GMT). It will be 15 minutes long.

AidPod Animation Released!

I’ve had this animation for a couple of weeks but didn’t want to release it before its debut at Chain Reaction yesterday where I had the privilege of presenting the ColaLife story (so far) during the opening plenary. It was a great event, my presentation will follow shortly. A big thank you is due to my son […]

Put the AidPod Animation on your phone

By popular demand (thanks for asking Lilian!) here are the AidPod animation files to download and put on your mobile device: iPhone/iTouch/iPod (6.2MB) AVI format (8.7MB) – right-click and select ‘Save As…’ Quicktime format (9.3MB) – right-click and select ‘Save As…’ You can view the animation on the *NEW* ColaLife Channel. Does anyone know how […]

The ColaLife Channel launches

A key element of the online part of the ColaLife campaign has been to take a multi-channel approach and get ColaLife everywhere. We didn’t start with a website and expect people to find us, we went to all the places potential supporters might be. So we are: On Facebook – On Twitter – […]

David Berman on ColaLife

When putting together The ColaLife Channel I came across this interview with David Berman author of Do Good Design. Kate Andrews hooked us up at the beginning of the year when David’s book was published. In the interview David talks about ColaLife. The link is that on page 40 of his book in the chapter […]

10,000 have viewed ColaLife Animation

Over the weekend the original ColaLife animation went through the 10,000 views barrier – that’s around 25 views a day since it was published. You can watch it on the *NEW* ColaLife Channel (it’s only got a few views here so far). Thanks go to Luke Berry (artist), Sam Berry (animator) and Julian (sound effects) […]

A conversation with Julian Dobson

I first met Julian when New Start Magazine was a twinkle in the eye around 10 years ago. Julian co-founded New Start Magazine with Kath Acres and Jamie Veitch. Kath was one of the first people I turned to when setting up the board of ruralnet|uk and she served as a trustee. So it was […]