Open Sourcing Project 10^100?

Open Project 10 100 logo

Do you remember Google’s Project 10 to the 100th? In the autumn of 2008 Google asked us all to submit ‘ideas that would change the World’. More than 170,000 of us did just that across 170 countries. We submitted the ColaLife idea. The plan was that Google would select the top 100 ideas and ask people to vote on them. The top 5 would share $10m to implement their idea. Inspirational! Unfortunately, after a very long delay Google backed off their original vision and turned something quite extraordinary into something very, very ordinary.

Backing off the original vision was bad enough but, more seriously, 170,000 ideas have simply disappeared. Only Google knows what they are.

Enter the wonderful people at who have set up a website where those of us who submitted ideas to Google can submit them again but this time where everyone can see them! They also have a Facebook Group.

So if you submitted an idea to Google which is now trapped in Google’s servers somewhere, free it! Submit it here.