David Berman on ColaLife

When putting together The ColaLife Channel I came across this interview with David Berman author of Do Good Design. Kate Andrews hooked us up at the beginning of the year when David’s book was published. In the interview David talks about ColaLife. The link is that on page 40 of his book in the chapter entitled ‘Pop Landscape’ David says:

Imagine what would be possible if The Coca-Cola Company’s uncommonly efficient distribution system in Africa could be harnessed to deliver health information, medicine, and condoms, in addition to caffeinated sugar water.

He hadn’t come across ColaLife at this point. David has been on a World Tour promoting his book which has just been translated into Chinese. He has been using ColaLife as a case study of “what others do while I rant”! The second edition of the book will mention ColaLife.

Cheers David.

Other big names and ColaLife.


  1. Simon,

    This is great!

    I recall this being filmed, but I had not actually seen it as a video til now!

    Thank you.

    PS I was just singing your praises in speeches in India and Canada this month as well.
    Go, ColaLife!


  1. Kate Andrews says:

    🙂 Wonderful meeting of minds! RT @ColaLife David Berman of Do Good Design on meeting @51m0n + #ColaLife https://bit.ly/s7rMR @davidberman

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